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Daytrip Northwest

Daytrips are better than daydreams.

We haven't been everywhere, but it's on our list.  Although we've traveled around the world, sometimes we only have one day but we also have the desire to get out to see something new.  In the Pacific Northwest, those adventures are right outside your back door!  Here are some of the places we've seen, leaving in the morning and back home that same day...sometimes late, but sometimes we're home early.  Get inspiration for your next daytrip here!  We also let you know if these are dog-friendly trips or not.  Get on out there,

even if you only have one day!

Looking for a certain place to go? See if it's listed below and click the link!

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Where have we been?

Washington, Oregon and Idaho

Some of our longer trips outside the Pacific Northwest

Where are some of the places we'll be headed next?

  • 110 Mile Loop

  • Antelope Reservoir

  • Bear-Cuprum

  • Bogus Basin

  • Danskin Lookout

  • Deadman Falls

  • Empire Builder – Amtrak

  • Grand Jean
  • Hells Canyon Overlook

  • High Valley

  • Jarbidge

  • Kleinschmidt Grade

  • Mud Lakes

  • New Centerville

  • Prairie

  • Redfish Lake

  • Rockaway Beach

  • Stibnite

  • Triangle

  • Vineyard Lake

  • Yellow Pine

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