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All Aboard the Eagle Cap Excursion Train!

We discovered a scenic train trip that travels where cars don't go! The Eagle Cap Excursion Train starts from Elgin, Oregon and runs down the Grande Ronde River and up the Wallowa River between Elgin and Minam. Following the waterways like this is typical of western railway lines.

On the excursion, there was a brief stop at Vincent (on the map, if you expand it), where we were served a box lunch, before continuing the journey. Other trips also feature entertainment, including outlaws, train robberies and Bigfoot sightings - great fun for kids! Even though we weren't on an "entertainment" train, we were certainly entertained by the wildlife sightings, including multiple bald eagles, plus kayakers and people fishing all along the river.

The trip starts from the new train depot in Elgin, where there is a historical exhibit, gift shop, rest rooms and parking. It's recommended to have reservations - we had a full train on our trip! You may also want to reserve an entire train car, if you have a group, or charter the entire train for a special event.

To book a ticket, go to Eagle Cap Train Rides, where you will also find Trip Descriptions and Prices, and interesting history about the Wallowa Union Railroad.

The Wallowa Union Railroad (WURR) is also known as the Joseph Branch. The railroad is owned by Wallowa and Union Counties, and operated by the Friends of the Joseph Branch, a volunteer group of certified engineers, car men, conductors and car hosts. They are all well-informed, friendly and have a sense of humor.

How Do I Get There?

We started from Boise, which is approximately 190 miles or 3 hours. The train ride we were on was approximately 4 hours. It is a LONG daytrip at 10+ hours, so if you are coming from Boise you may want to stay in La Grande, or another stop along the way, the night before the trip. But we easily made it back to Boise in early evening after the train ride, even with the one-hour time zone change!


DISTANCE FROM STARTING POINT: One way from home was approximately 190 miles

TIME TO REACH: 3 hours (remember that Elgin is in Pacific Time Zone)


WHEN ACCESSIBLE: These train rides are ONLY offered during the summer!

FEES: $30 to $100 per person (pricing varies for kids, adults and senior citizens)


PET FRIENDLY: No pets on the train, except for service animals

WHEN WE WENT: End of May 2024

I'm Here - Now What?

  • Bring your smart phone or a camera

  • Bring your kids!

  • Photography

  • Wildlife and plant viewing

  • Relax and enjoy the ride!

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May 29

this is one im looking forward to. and suggest trip to Hunington museum if its still there, creepy in ways but its a real step into the past with the odd old smells like you notice at libraries. And if youre a Tesla owner, theres a recharger there. Might even locate some old bordellos for train workers as it was a crew exchange point on the run from probably seattle thru portland heading to probably salt lake city. Would also like a visit to the dams on the columbia if its not too far. wouldn't be adverse to an overnighter in LaGrande if they've got a decent hotel. What's the latest on status of the old restored Baker Hot…

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