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Wildland Firefighting Adventures

Firefighting adventures for kids, written by one of the fire lookouts working at a lookout in Oregon!

Kids ages 5 to 12 can read about the humorous adventures of Joann and Cierra, portrayed as animal characters, together with their adventurous furry friends, who watch over our forests to keep them safe from wildfires.

Julie Lafferty writes about the brave men and women who work hard to make sure our forests are still standing for all of us to enjoy when we want to go camping or fishing or hunting. Even though fire is a natural occurrence in our forests, the wildland fire fighters are there to keep the fires from becoming too destructive.

Julie worked as a firefighter during college. Later in her life, she returned to wildland firefighting as a lookout in Oregon, together with her cat, Mr. Death Mittens, and her dog, Dusty. She enjoys writing fun books that also provide insight into jobs that most of us never see.

She is also working on a new series that shows children what to do if they are lost in the forest or the desert, to keep them safe and help them be found. The first in the series will be: Liam Gets Lost: A Tale of Search and Rescue

Enjoy Thunder Towers and other books written by Julie, available on Amazon as paperbacks and in Kindle editions.

Fire lookouts and the adventures of the brave men and women who work these towers - with a humorous twist!

Humorous adventures of a wildland fire fighting engine crew.

Wildland Firefighting: it's not just a job, it's hard, dirty work!

The work that fire prevention technicians do to protect our public lands and natural resources, loosely based on reality and with humor - of course!

Jumpers Away

(not available at this time on Amazon)


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